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I feel that the sex offender registry is has gotten out of hand. I feel that it should be for certain offenders that have been psychiatrically evaluated over time while they are in prison and in regards to the type of crime they committed. The registries now are so cluttered with "offenders" who would never repeat offend due to the situation such as a statutory rape conviction which is usually one person over 18 and the victim within 2-3 years age difference. It ruins that person's life sometimes only due to a pissed off parent of the victim. I also feel we shouldn't allow offenders out of prison without treatment FIRST. I know a lot about this subject and currently, in Alaska, we only imprison the offender and shove them out on the street with no treatment and they usually have at leats a 6-12 month wait to get into sex offender treatment. Then we wonder why we will have re-offenders. Prison is not a cake walk then with no treatment to start a corrective behavior we end up creating a bigger monster. I believe treatment and accountability is …show more content…

I feel for law enforcement they need a registry of everyone who offends in this manner but I feel the public deserves to know who the ones that are likely to re-offend are and exactly what their crime entailed not only a vague statute that could be any number of ways a crime was committed. In some states they make offenders wear GPS anklets and GPS on their vehicles. I feel that is a great option but it has its faults also. When it comes down to it, treatment is the utmost important, transparency and truth are also important. Psychologists need to get into the mind of each offender, their deviant thoughts, fantasies, and dreams including polygraphs to conclude that they are being truthful about what they are sharing. After this, the psychologists in conjunction with a board of psychiatrists can then choose who they feel needs to be known to the public at

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