Psy 300 Week 4 Case Study In A Small Town

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Anderson, Indiana used to be an exciting town full of businesses and factories. It was a great place to live and many people wanted to live here because there were many opportunities and places for people to get jobs. In the last thirty or so years, Anderson has become the exact opposite of what it used to be. There is not much of anything here now and everyone who currently resides here is looking for a way out. There are a few to no successful factories like there used to be in Anderson years ago. Because of this, there are no jobs for the people of Anderson. In addition, there is no money to fund the city. Anderson does not have a big mall or activities for people to do with their extra time. This makes the young adults in Anderson become uninterested. Anderson needs to have more money for numerous reasons; a better school system and for more things for people to do in their free time. Anderson used to have two major high schools. Highland High School and Anderson High School used to be rival high schools before the city decided to consolidate the two schools because there was no money from the …show more content…

In Anderson, there is not a large mall or any type of stores that people enjoy shopping in. If the city had the money to expand their mall, then the city would become more enjoyable for the people that live in and visit Anderson. There are a few major parks in Anderson that are enjoyable to go to, however, there are also some parks that have not been preserved well by the city. These parks are overgrown with weeds, which is not attractive to the townspeople and they will not visit these parks. If the city would clean up these recreation areas, then the parks would be occupied more often and enjoyed. If the city of Anderson had more money, then there would be more activities for people to do in their free time and less people would be disinterested and would stop getting into violence such as gangs and using

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