PSY 311 Week 1 Assignment 1

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counseling, where the co-leader can take a few minutes work on some better communication methods so that the client can learn some new and healthier methods to communicate. When the co-leader does not have a client to work with, the co-counselor can be part of the counseling process with the leader of the group. When attracting group members, most counselors are attract group members by using printed materials and websites to attract group members. Counselor can also attract clients by word-of-mouth. By asking counselors if they would know people that would benefit from counseling (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2014). This learner knows that this would be the best way to get clients. A counselor could also used printed materials in churches, local grocery stores, or community board in the community to bring more clients into …show more content…

This group would go over women’s issues. The group leader would need to screen member’s to be sure that the members would benefit from this experience. This group would include six group members that would meet once a week for an hour. The leader would encourage the ladies to talk about some of those issues in their lives that would stop the group member from moving forward. For example: one lady would come into counseling because she has self esteem problems. She does not feel that people would want to be around her. The counselor would work on these kinds of issues. In this case, the counselor would need to examine their cognicent thought patterns. The counselor would encourage the client to talk about how they would feel about themselves, and try to work out those negative thoughts that would group member would have. The counselor would also encourage the group members to help her work out those thoughts, by forming a relationship with other group members and helping one another about some of their problems that are stopping them from moving

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