BPBE 272 Week 3 Assignment

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Throughout the term in BPBE 272 there has been many important skills I have learned to help me pursue my goal in University. I have learned all key concepts of economics and also learned how to use them in my everyday life. This class has gave me tremendous help on how to look at the world in the way an economist does. You have taught us in a way that did not require us to just memorize the material but to actually take the time to learn about the information we are given. I will explain the main points I have learned in this class, what it means to have learned all of the information, How I have changed my perspective on economics, how I can apply my knowledge in the workforce and why this course was so important to me.
There were many days I would wake up and feel like not attending class but I would get up and go anyways. The …show more content…

Even things that had nothing to do with debates such as good ways to put a debate together, how to persuade the audience and how to do an excellent debate. Well I researched all my material for my debate, it helped me get my arguments for our own side as well as it also gave me a little bit of intelligence on the points that they could run over. From the debate about subsidizing farms in Canada I learned that subsidies are harmful for the economy. An example of this is instead of farmers being able to pick what crops they want to plant each year, they are forced to grow a specific crop requested as part of a subsidy. As a student in Agribusiness I have learned so many skills that will help me succeed in my career. I have a full understanding of how economics applies specifically to agriculture benefits, how I am learning and applied my knowledge in my other economic classes. With the learning I have done in this class I will be able to have a more knowledgeable conversation with my future employers and co-workers and make valuable contributions to my

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