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Mykah Sanchez PSY366 T&TH 9-10:15am Assignment 3 1. What are three differences you notice between these five different sets of diagnostic criteria? a. In the DSM-IIIR (APA, 1987) and on, the content of the obsession is not related to the actual compulsion if the patient also acquires another disorder in Axis I. In the DSM I & II, it does not specify if the compulsion is or should be related to the obsession. b. In the DSM I & II, the name of OCD was Obsessive Compulsive Reaction (APA, 1952) and Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis in the DSM II (APA, 1968). Remaining as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from DSMIIIR and on. c. DSM I & II did not specify that the patient’s compulsive rituals must take up a lot of time, like over an hour as exemplified

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