Group Counselling Reflection Essay

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Introduction After the Advanced Skills Facilitation course, I had learned many counselling skills in group counselling and different settings of group counselling. Also, it provided a lot of exercises for us to practice group counselling sessions. Thus, there are many things that I can make a reflection on it. Things I Appreciate Myself The first thing that I appreciate myself is participating class actively. In the in-class exercises, I always join the discussion actively, sometimes I will be the counselor, sometimes I will be the group member. I believed that what I did in the exercise and other group member’s involvement can make all member engaged in the exercise. So, I think it is a thing that I appreciate myself. The second thing …show more content…

I can know the actual response from the client or somethings may occur when in the actual counselling session, it helps me to have an experience to try to handle those problems, I believed that it is good for my internship or future career. Observation about the Group Dynamics The general group dynamic I observed during the class practice and presentation was that no one is willing to do the counselor. I believed that acting a counselor is very challenging for us, people who act as a counselor need to use many skills but if act as a group member can do what counselor said only, so people usually do not to be the counselor. And we always use some games to decide who was the counselor fairly, this was the way that we solve the problem. Another dynamic is that people were easy to find out the weaknesses of the counselor. Every time we did the feedback part, people were usually pointed out the weaknesses of the counselor but rarely said somethings that counselor did well. I think it is very normal that people will emphasize the weaknesses but I think these feedbacks can make people do better so it is not a bad thing for

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