Individual Therapy Vs Group Therapy Essay

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Psychoanalytic group therapy is the model involving groups that meets face to face with therapist and it comes approximately in a group of seven to eight members. Each and everyone in the group have to contribute with their thought. Firstly some might feel a sense of rejection being in a group but those fears will fade away after they observe the rest of the group members. Apart from that, during the session, members will be able to receive valuable feedback from one another rather than depending on the therapist itself (Kleinberg, 2011). Basically, clients in groups will be able to gain insight into their resistances and defenses more dramatically in a group setting than in individual therapy. This applies the same goes for transference insight whereby in group process, members are instruct to say whatever comes to their mind even though it might seems irrelevant or illogical. Techniques are applied in the group session but it will be open to other members in a group. After the end of the session, client is not advisable to stay in contact with one another. The goal is to encourage clients to go further to achieve something that they have been aiming for (Kleinberg, 2011). According to group counseling, it has its own benefits …show more content…

In individual therapy, free association occurs between a client and therapist. Client are allowed to say whatever that comes to their mind and as a therapist, he or she has to listen attentively without interrupting. As compared to group therapy, sessions conducted are among those with similar disorder whereas members are expected to be quick in participating without censorship. Anyone is allowed to say what comes in his or her mind during the group therapy. At most, it might create confusion in a group that is not helpful enough but in this method, it promotes members to be actively participation in the group process (Corey, 2015, p.

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