Unit 2 Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 9 P2

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As the leader of the group the counselor will use the intake appointment to meet with the participant individually and talk about the group structure. Once the counselor has met with the participant, the participant will answer some screening questions. After the participant has completed the screening questions the counselor will have an interview with the participant. The counselor will get additional information or clarification based on the screening questions. The counselor will then advise the participant that she will call the participant to inform them if they will be part of the group.
As the counselor reviews the screening questions, she will identify the need of each participant. As the counselor is reviewing the screening questions and her notes she will start getting a better understanding of what group she wants to …show more content…

The group counseling is for any member that would like to know more about parenting skills. In order for members to use the skills they must practice with children in order to see a change. Members are not required to be parents in order to participate in group counseling.
The criteria that will help the counselor choose her members will be based on their straights. Straights are important because the counselor is aware of each member’s straights. By the counselor knowing each member’s straights, it can give her a better understanding of what group she wants to design.
Participant will also be choose based on commitment. The counselor would like for members to commit to the class in order to see a change and get the knowledge and skills to be better parents. While the counselor interviews the participants she will ask participants if they will commit to the group. There a two king of commitments one is to show up for every meeting without excuses and the second commitment is to commit to the group that they will be present at all

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