Family Foundation Prevention Program Analysis

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Basic activities.
Family Foundation is a prevention program that targets parents expecting their first child. This prevention program partners up with childbirth educators to work with expecting first-time parents. Mihalic, S. (n.d.). Family Foundations states the following about the program:
“The program consists of four prenatal and four postnatal sessions, run once a week, with each two-hour session administered to groups of 6–10 couples, Sessions are led by a trained male-female team.” According to Family Functions, these sessions are administrated by following a specific curriculum designed to focus on co-parenting, emotional self-management, conflict managing, problem-solving, communication, and mutual support strategies. The Family …show more content…

Family Foundation prevention program works directly with parents before and after the birth of an infant. The program is designed to enhance parenting skills for the first time expecting parents. When the child is born this will be his or her microsystem. The infant’s mom and dad will be the child 's center, a part of his or her daily life. Another focus is the exosystem. Once the infant is born the parents continue to attend the program for four weeks. The infant is not directly involved in these programs since they are more informative based on how to successfully co-parent and not hands on material focused on caring for the infant. These services provided by the Family Foundation will have a direct impact on the infant’s well being but the infant will not be directly involved.

Intervention Spectrum.
Family foundations is a universal prevention program. This program is universal because it is offered to anyone who wants to participate in the prevention program, the entire population. Family Foundations does not target any groups. Expecting parents do not have to display any signs of harmful co-parenting qualities or any other qualities to qualify for the program.

Goals and

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