Strengths And Assessments Of The Calgary Family Assessment Model

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Family Assessment Tools
The Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) is a renowned assessment tool used by nurses in conceptualizing and organizing data gathered while working with families(Wright and Leahey, 2009). It is a useful tool both for compiling data for a family assessment as well as in assisting families to deal with specific health issues. The CFAM has three main categories namely: structural which encompasses the internal, external and contextual; developmental which includes stages, tasks and attachments; and functional level which hasthe instrumental (daily living activities) and expressive which includes communication, problem solving, roles, power, beliefs, alliances and coalition(John & Flowers, 2009).
This model was chosen for its strengths in providing the nursing practitioner with a wide range of areas to engage families with. This is because the model acts as a template for both clinical and generalist practice and it allows nurses to expand their assessment questions within the different categories provided as they increase their skills in the practice of family care. It also allows the practitioner to choose which category is the most relevant to the particular client family resulting in advanced practice. Advanced practice is marked by the ability of the user to apply the model confidently as well as competently. However, on the downside, the model can become overwhelming when the nursing practitioner is beginning to use the model as they have to keep

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