Evidence Based Family Paper

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Evidenced Based Family Paper
Brenda K. Foster
Arkansas Tech University Evidenced Based Family Paper The purpose of this paper is to select a family and enter into a contract to determine the needs of the family. Five visits spanning five weeks helped identify family interests, needs, and concerns. The paper identifies three priority family needs determined during family visits. It utilizes evidenced based educational materials to teach the family based on the three needs identified. The paper identifies interventions for each need utilizing evidence based practice and education. It evaluates the interventions and examines any adaptations used. The contractual relationship is terminated on the final visit and appropriate referrals …show more content…

LC is easy to talk to and a commonality in military backgrounds highlights the conversation. The lunch consists of eating, talking about the paper, and arranging to meet the entire family at suppertime the same day. LC and BC talk about the paper and the contractual requirement before supper. LC picks the children up from activities at school and explains the details of the paper to each one on the drive home. The paper approaches the assigned topics from least invasive to most invasive during successive appointments. LC requests a copy of the family assessment guide to better prepare for the interview with the family. The father, BC, receives the majority of the questions on the first visit due to his work schedule. The parents display interest in the results of the paper and the children express intrigue. LC requests another appointment in two weeks to be able to discuss some of the topics that she needs to investigate …show more content…

LC wants to review the educational materials before exposing them to her children. NIDA for Teens (2016) offers drug facts and interactive options for teaching. LC is impressed with the NIDA website and investigates several of the interactive options to introduce to her children. There is an 800 number provided for emergencies and treatment centers. LC likes the fact that she can introduce the information to her children via the computer, take quizzes, and play games while educating her children on the dangers of substance abuse. LC appreciates this approach to teaching her children. She wants to make the learning process fun, interesting and a family involved educational experience. LC believes her children are in the first stages of substance abuse and if they tackle this as a family in a positive manner, the children will learn and not feel shame. Adaptation occurs in this instance when LC expresses interest in the website version of teaching. The student nurse prepares to teach with paper articles; however, LC gravitates to the computer-based options believing they will grab the attention of her children. LC decides to teach her children through the family unit and journal the results to provide to the student nurse. She believes this is a private family

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