Clinical Psychology: Erikson's Developmental Stage

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1. What was the developmental stage of your patient? Explain their accomplishments at this developmental stage. Does it match their chronologic age? Answer: My patient’s chronologic age was 2 years old and his developmental stage was Erikson’s autonomy vs shame & doubt. The accomplishments occur during this age are the child has an opportunity to build self-esteem and autonomy as he or she learns new skills and right from wrong. The well-cared for child is sure of himself, carrying himself or herself with pride rather than shame. During this time of the “terrible twos", defiance, temper tantrums, and stubbornness can also appear. My patient was very sweet however, he has some stubbornness on him. He would say no to everything and he want to …show more content…

Explain the differences/similarities between what you experienced in the clinical setting regarding your patient’s medical condition, developmental stage, etc. Answer: My patient had swelling under his chin and eczema. I was trying to assess the skin and he would say no for everything. He started crying and did not allowed me to check until his mom calm him down. These are the similarities I noted during my clinical setting regarding medical condition and my patient’s developmental stage. 4. Identify how you did or could advocate for your patient/family. Answer: I offer to ask me the questions about anything patient’s family member did not understand. For example, while my nurse and I was giving medication, I educate patient’s family member that what medication patient is receiving and its common side effects. Parents need to know everything their child is getting cared in the healthcare. So, encouraging them to involved in the treatment plan is very important. These was my way of advocating them. 5. Prioritize your goals for your patient/family during their hospital stay or home care. How will you help them meet these …show more content…

He had a hard, swollen chin and he cried due to pain. Giving my patient’s scheduled medication and monitoring its effect was my number one priority. Another priority would be taking his vitals and assessment on time. I would note any changes and informed to my nurse if any abnormalities are present. I frequently check my patient and family member. I offered bath and linen change, but parent deny it. As a student nurse, my main role would be to help patients and family member to get comfort and get right

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