Kurrose Murder

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Kurose was murdered!Kurose was the Vice-Principal of Wai’anae High School and was liked by many and was thought of as kind and thoughtful, but there were a few teachers who thought differently.Oberlander, Hansen, Moriwaki and Ratcliffe are the suspects in this case. He was stabbed several times and his dismembered body was found in a classroom submerged in an ice bucket. An autopsy suggests that he was murdered between 14:45 and 15:30. Moriwaki is the murderer because she had the motive, opportunity and an accomplice. However, some might say that Moriwaki couldn’t be the murderer because she had an alibi. She was at a volleyball game when the murder took place.Moriwaki was at the gym and at a volleyball game from 3:00 pm-7:00 pm. This evidence …show more content…

In the financial records it shows that Oberlander “withdrew $9, 679.20 on February 28th” (TFA Credit Union, page 3).Moriwaki’s financial record shows that she “deposited $9, 679.20 on February 28th” (Bank of Hawaii, page 2). In other words, Oberlander paid Moriwaki $9, 672.20 to kill Kurose. She had motive to kill Kurose because she would get paid very generously. In the ASPD Medical Report, it displays a picture of a normal brain in comparison to hers, “Fig. 1: Moriwaki 's MRI brainscan in comparison with control subject. Moriwaki appears on lower half and scan shows lack of activity in emotional response centers.” ( Armitage, page 7). In simpler terms, Moriwaki’s has a great lack of emotions and has been labeled a “psychopath”. A psychopath is defined as a person that suffers from a chronic medical disorder and has a violent or abnormal behavior. Psychopathic traits are often associated with criminal behavior. With this in mind, Moriwaki’s lack of emotions and psychopathic personality has lead to the murder of Kurose. In the ASPD Medical Report, there is a list of statements and all the answers are either true or false and it states, “The subject is prone to boredom. True… The subject needs to take risks to feel alive. True… The subject is not or would be proud of getting away with crimes. False.” ( Armitage, page 3 and 4). To put it differently, Moriwaki is often bored and needs to take risks to feel alive, …show more content…

At 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm she supposably posted a few snapchat stories of the volleyball game at Wai’anae High School. In other words, she recorded a few videos of the volleyball game at Wai’anae High School. The first story showed only her feet, while she was at the gym, in the second story someone else recorded her asking Oberlander to buy her a water with his money and the third and fourth story showed the the players playing volleyball, but didn’t show her in it nor was her voice in it. There is a great possibility that someone else could’ve recorded the last two stories. She was in the gym at Waianae High School and could have easily went to visit Kurose and murdered him. In the ASPD Medical Report there is a list of statements and all the answers are either true or false and it states, “ The subject rarely feels guilty. True… The subject is an emotional person. False… The subject rarely connects emotionally with others. True.” (Armitage, page 2). To put it differently, Moriwaki is little to no emotion for others. For this reason, She can feel no remorse if she commits a sinful thing. Her lack of emotion made it possible for her to murder Kurose. In Moriwaki’s ASPD Medical Report, it states, “term. Moriwaki was difficult as an infant and toddler demanding of parents’ time and attention. Behaviors escalated with the birth of younger brother when Moriwaki was 5 years old. Problem behaviors escalated to

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