Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 1 Activity 2

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Unit 1: Activity 2: Assignment 2: Journal As an individual amongst many other students, we all have our own ideas and opinions. This is what makes us different from each other and also similar in many cases. With the diversity of opinions they often depict our relationship with others and who we are compatible with. From my experience, having a different opinion about something out of the majority is not necessarily a negative thing. The people I usually hang out with are understanding and may oppose my opinion with other reasoning why my opinion may be incorrect or not as good. In the end, I can still have my own opinion without ruining my relationship with my friends. Being bias is an issue which we can encounter daily in our everyday …show more content…

I go to an all boys school so having a negative attitude is sometimes asking to get hurt. For being positive all around it benefits many of my relationship with my peers as well as my friends. Even if those around me are feeling down or otherwise, being positive creates an environment where they can also begin to feel the same. Prejudice is a huge issue many suffer from across the globe. In a school environment, prejudice is always a call for the worse. When we say prejudice it is most commonly known to be relating to race. In my experiences at school, there were cases of prejudice based on academic performance. Whenever a teacher would assign a group assignment students with higher averages would join together leaving those with lower averages to group with each other. This usually negatively affects many friendships since one may care more about their marks than their friends. This affected my relationships with my peers that I always worked with positively, but the relationship with those who I never or rarely worked with did not go so well. There are many factors that affect how my relationships with others at school can have positive and negative outcomes. It is important to understand these issues and always go for what is

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