The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

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In the teleplay, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” by Rod Serling, the community wanted to know the real culprit of this unnatural power outage, and they did everything to seek the answer. In news article “The Rosewood Massacre of 1923” by Emily Upton, a white woman claimed that a black man assaulted her which lead to a chaotic community. The riveting teleplay and news article both had the elements of an accusation and a metamorphoses. In the teleplay, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” it starts with accusation and scapegoat and developing into metamorphosis. “Don: What about Charlie? How come you’re are the only one with the lights now”(73). Ever since the blackout and Tommy’s statement of an alien turning into a human to destroy …show more content…

“The trouble started on January 1, 1923 when a white woman named Fannie Coleman Taylor from Sumner claimed that a black man assaulted her… the finger was soon pointed at one Jesse Hunter.” During that time of this setting it was so effortless to condemn a black person on anything. Every since this allegation was heard the whole white community got riled up over the alleged attack and soon after the KKK was involved. However Upton, wrote that a black man did not assault her because Fannie maid’s, Sarah professed that a white man named John Bradley was the only man to be at the house. Also that she was trying to protect herself from the scandal and her husband’s anger. “The mob was simply angered by the deaths of the white men and proceeded to raze the town of Rosewood.” The whole white neighborhood of Sumner wanted to eradicate the town of Rosewood. Which resulted into their entire town burning into ashes. Loved ones dead and memories lost. Even though the massacre was taken into consideration in court, the jury decided that the mob that caused so many deaths was left unpunished. Upton, uses these similarities to create such a dynamic article by stating that the two town had peace between each other but ever since Fannie’s statement it was perceived to whites that they knew it was true. Both teleplay and the news article constructed an accusation and a metamorphoses. The teleplay had the people of Maple Street accused one another of being an alien just because of an individual 's idiosyncrasy just like how Fannie accused a black man of assaulting her even though her claim was not even true. Furthermore, the communities of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” and “The Rosewood Massacre of 1923” had a more of an untroubled life unlike the one they had now turn that into a metamorphoses. Prejudice can control the minds of people and turn them into something they are

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