Monsters Due On Maple Street Analysis

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The 18th century Irish statesman Edmund Burke once wrote, “Fear is the parent of cruelty”. The Twilight Zone episode, “Monsters Due on Maple Street written by Rod Serling shows how true this statement is. A flash of light flashed across the sky above Maple Street , resulting in the electricity and telephone service to abruptly stop. They couldn’t even get their cars to start, The two main characters of this episode were Steve Brand and Charlie. Tommy, a teenage boy suggested that the flash of light was, in reality, a group of aliens disguised as a human family who wanted to harm the residents of this neighborhood, Steve was calm and reasonable and tried to retain order, but Charlie caused panic by being suspicious about and making unfounded…show more content…
He is more on the scared side, and always blames everyone or he points fingers for example he says “You sound real anxious to have that happen, Steve. I think we better keep an eye on you too!”. Charlie assumes it’s Steve because all Charlie does is blame. Here is an action to support that, Now Charlie pulls the gun from Steve’s hand. As you can see Charlie will do anything he wants because he doesn’t think before his actions.

Steve Brand and Charlie are very different. Steve is like the leader of the pack. He is the guy that tells people to calm down and they do, most people look up to Steve for ideas and what to do. Charlie is a guy that doesn’t listen to nobody and does whatever he wants. He is a paranoid and scared man. Charlie hates being blamed and always blames others for his own actions and points fingers. Overall Steve is hero like man while Charlie is a scared man.

The Twilight Zone episode, “ Monsters Due on Maple Street” contains two main characters, Steve and Charlie. Steve is the one trying to keep people calm while Charlie is scaring people by painting fingers and causing havoc. Charlie is the one who shot and killed Pete Van Horn. After that CHarlie started a free-for-all fight with alll the neighbors by being suspicious and arguing, while the aliens are watching them do as what they had expected, a fight among the
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