How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Flowers For Algernon

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“Flowers for Algernon” Argumentative Essay
Charlie Gordon should not have had the surgery because of the tragic outcomes. While Daniel Keyes in “Flowers for Algernon” portrayed hope of a mentally impaired man, the procedure failed with overwhelming results. First, Charlie realized that the society had turned against him when he gained the mental capability. Then, both Dr. Namur and Dr. Strauss sacrificed Charlie as a human experiment. Lastly, while Charlie still obtained knowledge, he understood the failure of the surgery. While Charlie was still intelligent, the social part of his life turned against him. Charlie noticed the society as they were starting to have conflicts with him. Joe and Frank- Charlie’s “best friends”- constantly acted as if they were his best friends, but they did not like him at all. At the factory, the entire staff ,except for one person, signed a petition to obtain Charlie Gordon to be fired. Charlie finally gained the intellectual capacity to understand what it meant to “pull a Charlie Gordon”, which was used to mock him and insult him. Finally, Charlie tried to defend a man at a restaurant that he attended, but he had realized that they were the same. Charlie realized how discourteous the society had been to all the Charlie Gordon’s in the world, including Dr. Namur and Dr. Strauss. …show more content…

Namur and Dr. Strauss used Charlie as a human experiment without him even knowing. Charlie wanted the doctors to use him for the operation so he could feel what it felt to be smart; he thought he would become normal. This was a perfect target for the doctors to use Charlie since there was no one in the society who took care of Charlie and loved him. Lastly, Algernon was not the only lab mouse to be tested on and die, so there were maybe hundreds of them. This meant that Charlie could expect to be like one of the mice. After all, Charlie was used as an experimental humanoid and did not know the risks of it. He soon became intelligent enough to do

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