Flowers For Algernon Short Story

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All Over My Head Flowers for Algernon is a thought provoking short story by Daniel Keyes about a 36 year old man, Charlie Gordon, who had of an unusually low IQ of 68, that left his mind trapped in one similar to a 5 year olds. This lead his life through a rollercoaster of struggles he was desperate to change. He had been offered a surgery that was said to triple his IQ, and give him the “normal” life he always dreamed of. This being said, because this procedure had never been tested on anyone but a mouse, Algernon, the side effect were unknown not to mention unpredictable. After the surgery was performed Charlie went through a period of time with no change, and then within a few days his intelligence immediately skyrocketed, making him so smart his journal entry began to be difficult to understand from all of sophistication in word choice. This all came to an end quickly as his mind soon began to deteriorate as fast as it had grown. Charlie was better off after the surgery and made the right decision by having it done because it gave him insight …show more content…

The people he thought he trusted fell in the same group as all the other nobody in his life that just brought him down into a repeating cycle of hate and so much more that he can now see. Charlie uses the word “dumb” as if it's the opposite of standard society in a way and when people in general refer to the word dumb they have negative influences and Charlie is portraying this thought as one of his own because he has heard it so many times he's beginning to believe it himself. To succeed in life if you have enough determination it doesn’t matter whether or not you have the intelligence for it. Nothing worth putting time into will ever be easy because life is about giving 110% towards what means most to

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