Flowers For Algernon Persuasive

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“Flowers for Algernon” Persuasive essay “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes is a science fiction story about a mentally impaired man who was given the chance to fix himself. Charlie Gordon, the mentally impaired man, should not have had the surgery done to him. The opportunist doctors did not care about Charlie, and only used him for their personal gain. Once Charlie became a genius, he realized the inconceivable sacrifice he made by letting the operation be tested on him. Since the doctors mislead Charlie by not telling him the hazards of the surgery he might have terrible consequences. After all, since Charlie had the chance to die, the decision to have the surgery was a dreadful one. Charlie Gordon was already an outcast in society,…show more content…
Nemur and Dr. Strauss Charlie was disposable, and only used for their personal gain and advancements in the operation. The institute thought Charlie was a good person to test on, because he had no one to care and look out for him. Also, even though Charlie was a human being, he was viewed equal to lab mice. Charlie was not informed about the risks and consequences the surgery could bring upon him, which led him to thinking life would be impeccable. The doctors; opportunists, could have made a logical assumption that Charlie might die because of the other mice they tested on that died. Since the doctors mislead Charlie, he will probably face his own demise as did the other lab…show more content…
It was wrong for the doctors not to tell Charlie the risks of the surgery because one of them was him dying. Charlie realized the horrible mistake he made, and would probably end up paying for it, even though it was the doctor’s fault. Charlie had no regrets for having the surgery done to him, because he achieved his goal of becoming smart. Before Charlie started to regress, he tried to correct what went wrong with the surgery because he was the only one in the institute who could. Charlie knew that he was happier when he was ignorant, because he could not see how cruel the world actually was. Since the doctors mislead Charlie, and Charlie may likely die, the decision to have the surgery was a destructive
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