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The book "Flowers Of Algernon" by Daniel Keyes is a science fiction short story based on a man named Charlie, who has a learning disadvantage. He gets a chance to mend himself by getting surgery. The surgery was a dangerous idea which leads to his death. Charlie was better off before the surgery because it changed Charlie's life by making him a miserable and grievous person. One of the reasons Charlie felt this way was because the knowledge he obtained from the surgery was short-term. He also became bitter which made him all alone without friends or family at the end of the story. The surgery was a disturbing encounter physical and intellectually and just caused Charlie to feel isolated.
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There is a lot of evidence that Charlie will die. This is shown because Algernon went through the same side effects and died. Charlie also understands this and he writes ’Everyone identifies me with Algernon in a way we’re both the first of our kind.’ This shows that because of the relation towards the surgery they will come out with the same result and that means that Charlie will also die. During the end of the story, Charlie understands that he will most likely die from the surgery also because he has been through the same side effects and surgery as Algernon, he died and this shows that Charlie will do the same Charlie explains that ’ guess the same thing is or will soon be happening to me’ this proves that he will die because Charlie is smart enough to know what will be happening to himself because his IQ is about 200 and he is very smart so his prediction must be correct. To conclude Charlie will die from the surgery and it was not right to risk his life like this. Also, Charlie chose to have the operation when he was not very smart which makes the situation worse because he should not have had the choice because he did not have enough knowledge to

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