Argumentative Essay For Flowers For Algernon

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Argumentative essay
The novel, `` flowers for Algernon’’ is an exciting fictional story. The main character in the novel is Charlie who is mentally retarded person who has been involved in a remarkable operation which has led to increase of his I.Q. The story in the novel is too interesting the material in it is so original. Also the moods of the story is varying from being of anger, sorrow to guilt (Yal 7-14). The major element of the story which has contributed a lot to the mood of the story is the plot. In the novel Charlie is subjected to an operation which was going to act as an experiment of increasing his intelligence with hopes that he was going to impress people thus gaining more friends at the end. Unfortunately, some of the expectations were not achieved at all.
The novel Flowers of Algernon by Keyes have one major thematic augments which we shall discuss in this paper. The thematic augment is about the mistreatment of the people who are mentally disabled (Yal 7-14). The fictional idea in the novel of falsely diminishing or augmenting intelligence has enabled Keyes to be able to provide a portrayal of the society telling or showing how the mentally disabled are mistreated. After Charlie has been operated he becomes more intelligent and he transforms effectively from the known man who is mentally retarded and becomes a genius. It’s during this period when he realizes that the people in the society have been having attitudes

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