Task Force Project: The Murder Of Charlie

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For the Task Force Project my group and I decided to focus on Charlie. Charlie was convicted of murdering his mother's boyfriend George. George turned into an abusive alcoholic after he lost his wife and daughter to a car accident. Charlie can remember three times in a year and a half time span where George physically beat his mother. It was so bad one time, charlie had to call 911 because his mother needed serious medical attention. On the night of the killing George walked into the house highly intoxicated and very angry. Charlie and his mom were in the kitchen playing cards when his mother stood up to go speak with George. They began to talk and things began to escalate quickly, George began raising his voice and started to …show more content…

He punched Charlie's mother in the face which caused her to fall down and bang her head against the medal countertop in the kitchen. As soon as Charlie seen his mother hit the floor he immediately went over to her, she was completely unconscious and started bleeding from her head. He thought she was dead because she had so much blood coming out and he couldn't hear her breathing. He remembered the time his mother told him to call 911 when a similar situation occurred. He walked into the bedroom to retrieve the phone but instead opened the drawer and slipped his hand under George’s T-shirts and grabbed his gun that he knew George kept inside of their. Charlie was only 14 years old at the time of the incident and never held a gun in his life. He grabbed the gun and walked over to the bed where George was sleeping, pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Charlie killed him instantly. Charlie was arrested for murder and tried as an adult in court. He was sentenced to serve his time at adult prison, and not to mention George, Charlie's mother's boyfriend, was a police officer. Charlie’s first night in prison he was touched and assaulted on various occasions by inmates. During his second night he couldn't remember how many inmates he had …show more content…

Charlie is a good student, he attends school regularly, has earned a perfect attendance certification and is a all-around good student. The issues Charlie faces at home is not being able to grow up with a positive role model. He never had the opportunity to be surrounded by a father figure. Adolescents can sometimes find it difficult to go through their lives and not being able to have a two parent household. Charlie made a rational choice on the night of the killing; 1) he was motivated to kill George because he felt like his mother was dead, 2) George was his suitable target due to the fact that he would assault his mother, and 3) a lack of a capable guardian, since his mom was unconscious in the kitchen Charlie nor George had any other people in the house ( T & F, p. 93). As his counselor I believe that I could have blocked this from happening if I took time out to talk to each student one-on-one during school hours. My duty is to check-on students to see how they are doing in school but also trying to develop a relationship that they can feel comfortable coming up to me and expressing what on their

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