Jasper Jones By Craig Controversy: Analytical Essay

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Courage isn’t something people born with, it takes time, mistakes and understanding, and Charlie had plenty of that over the summer of 1965. Jasper Jones is a mysterious and suspenseful book by Craig Silvey. It starts with Charlie, a teenage boy, lying in bed reading Pudd’nhead Wilson, one of his dad’s old books, when somebody knocks on his bedroom window unexpectedly. That somebody was Jasper, and he needed his help. He took Charlie deep into the woods only to find something truly terrifying. This book takes the readers on a journey to find out how it happened and watch Charlie build courage. It’s important to be courageous because it builds you as a person, teaches us to do the right thing, and helps us to achieve more. In the very beginning of their book we learn that Jasper …show more content…

Charlie had trust, Jasper had trust, and they both needed trust. Jasper had a terrible reputation “He’s a Thief, a Liar, a Thug, a Truant. He’s lazy and unreliable” (5). Families like to think he’s to blame for all conflicts that happen in their town, Corrigan. Whenever something goes wrong? “Jasper Jones did it of course, who else would’ve tricked my son into stealing a pack of cigarettes? My son would never”. No matter how clear their own child’s guilt was, Jasper was the scapegoat. But Charlie put that behind him. After talking with Jasper multiple times, Charlie learns that Jasper grew up in a rough home, Jasper has to steal in order to survive, but the town has turned it up, down and around. In Jasper’s eyes, Charlie was a “goody goody”, he had always followed the rules, if anything was wrong he would tell somebody immediately. Jasper had to trust Charlie to keep quiet, especially around the police, because the police have already questioned him enough, anytime the police hear the name Jasper they're up out of their seats searching the streets. Charlie and Jasper both had to trust each other and believe that they were doing the right thing for each other, not just

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