Banned In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a story about two workers named George Milton and Lennie Small who are working in a ranch outside of Soledad, California. George takes care Lennie ,who is mentally disabled, throughout their adventure. Throughout the book, there is profound language, racism, and sexism found. These factors make people question if it is appropriate for high school students to read and analyze this book. Even though it includes these factors, Of Mice and Men should not be banned. There is a large amount of literary devices in this book. Imagery is an example. “On one side of the river the golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan mountains, but on the valley side the water is lined with trees-willows …show more content…

Workers during this time were moving from one place to another. “Why...he… just quit, the way a guy will. Says it was the food. Just wanted to move. DIdn’t give no other reason but the food. Just says ‘gimme my time’ one night, the way any guy would.”(Pg.19, Chap.2) This book took place in the 1930’s. During this time, job unemployment rate was 23.6 percent. Because of this, workers would change jobs quite frequently. Discrimination was a huge factor during this time. It went both for African Americans and women. We can see this throughout the book. “Well, you keep you place then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny.”(Pg.81, Chap.4) Crooks tends to be mistreated by Curley and his wife. He was threaten by Curley's wife. At this period in time, African Americans were still seen as slaves. Many were called niggers and were not treated evenly. Some people did not employ African Americans just because their race. Women were also treated unfairly during this time. Women are now allowed to vote during this time but they are thought to be housewives, mother and caregivers. It was hard for them to get decent jobs and were mostly rejected. Curley’s wife was treated very unfairly in this book. She is treated as if she wasn’t a “real” person. She doesn’t even get a name. She is basically treated like property just like

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