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  • The Counseling Process Summary

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    The counseling process is a collaborative progression of the therapeutic alliance into addressing treatment goals and moving a client from a state of distress or dysfunction into a state of effective functioning. Ethically speaking, from initial contact from a potential client, the counselor assumes responsibility for initiating procedures to begin intake with the client or providing an appropriate referral for this client if they cannot ethically care for the client. Once the client and counselor

  • Counselling Theory In Counseling

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    Counselors can talk about counseling as change or growth. Or they can talk about counseling as a on going process or product. The process can be used to enhance the lives of people who are seeking to change their relationships, to develop self-understanding, to learn how to anticipate and meet life’s challenges or offers a way to gain a new perspective on one’s behavior, emotions and relationships .If counselors go very deeply into an examination of these alternatives, it also becomes apparent

  • Career Counseling Assignment

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    To Meet the Needs of the Course May, 2016. Career counseling is comparable in nature to different sorts of counseling. What joins a wide range of expert counseling including career counseling is the part of professionals, who consolidate giving exhortation on their subject of mastery with counseling strategies that bolster customers in settling on complex choices and confronting troublesome circumstances. The center of career counseling is for the most part on issues, for example, career investigation

  • Essay On Christianity Counseling

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    Assessment is an important part of sexuality counseling (Long, Burnett, &Thomas, 2006). It is a time where counselors begin to “know” their clients. Taking the appropriate time to asses helps counselors develop more effective treatment strategies and goals for their client’s success in therapy. Long et al. (2006) noted that assessment begins with the initial contact between the counselor and the client. The initial contact includes the first phone call or in-person contact the counselor has with

  • The Importance Of Career Counseling

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    In general, Career counseling is a basis of the counseling profession. In other meaning, career counseling is defined as the procedure in which a counselor works collaboratively to help their client’s explain, specify, implement, and regulate work-related decisions, also career counseling addresses the interaction of work with other life roles. (Admundson, Harris-Bowlsbey & Niles, 2014) The role of a career counselor is to interact with your clients in one-to-one sessions and respect your individual

  • Ethical Issues In Counseling

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    professionals may confront several ethical dilemmas during their counseling career, especially when they have to break some of the ethics code principles (West, 2002). The purpose of this project is to present some of the ethical issues that a counselor may face during their career, including ethical concerns in on-line counseling, dual and multiple relationships with the clients and issues of confidentiality. Ethical Concerns in on - Line Counseling Over the last years on-line psychotherapy, including e-mailing

  • Autonomy In Professional Counseling

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    Essay #1: Ethical Principles in Professional Counseling Autonomy The principle of autonomy is to consider the clients’ rights on making their own decisions when resolving their own conflicts. The counselor cannot tell them what to do in order to resolve their problems. The counselor encourages the client’s personal growth while respecting the client’s culture, personal values, and belief. Corey et al, (2015) states that supervision counselors that are being trained, must learn that there is no need

  • Multiculturalism In Addiction Counseling

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    Desiree Stokely PAC240 Module 2 October 5, 2015 Multiculturalism is a widely-known issue in addiction counseling and has a vital role in counseling. “Culture is the combination of all the physical and behavioral aspects of a society. To study the people within a society, how they function and what they value, Culture should be regarded as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of a society or a social group, that it encompasses

  • Crisis Counseling Ethics

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    obligations when providing counseling services, such as those related to crisis prevention and intervention. This knowledge can guide the counselor in making appropriate decisions to best assist the client. The American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (2014) provides counselors with the core principles of autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice and fidelity to guide them in decisions making. Furthermore, the following ACA (2014) ethical codes are applicable to crisis counseling: A.1.a. Primary

  • My Counseling Goals

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    a. Although I have never personally sought out counseling before, knowing that there is a counseling service on campus could be beneficial to me in the future. As Bobbi said, many people end up suffering with some form of depression or anxiety during their college career. Knowing that you’re not alone and that there’s somebody out there that you can talk to is comforting. b. Getting to know a person’s personality and adapting to the way they think and act is something that I should plan on doing

  • Grief Counseling: A Case Study

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    competence of counselors to do grief counseling? Why do they feel this is important? Do you agree? The authors agree that to develop into a proficient and competent grief counselor education, experience and instruction should be concise and sufficient (Granello, Ober & Wheaton, 2012). They also imply that without the proper training new counselors may be uncomfortable interacting with those experiencing grief. According to the 2016 Counsel for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Education Programs’ educational

  • Essay On A Career As A Counseling Physiologist

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    that I had already in mind is in physiology. Is to be a Counseling Physiologist who is someone that works with patients that need intensive help and attention to dealing with their mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and disorders. Mostly taking place in schools, hospitals or individual practices. As a Counseling Physiologist there are certain duties that comes with the job for instance being able to lead groups or individual counseling sessions. Also being able to talk to people and develop

  • Understanding The Counseling Process Paper

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    When understanding the counseling process, it may be understood as having a beginning, middle and end. It is a process that involves achieving different tasks and goals that are built upon a solid foundation. Throughout the process, there are six different stages that the therapist and client will encounter. These stages include: relationship building, assessment and diagnosis, formulation of counseling goals, intervention and problem solving, termination and follow up, and research and evaluation

  • Lotus Counseling Center Summary

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    For this discussion I chose to review the Hollywood Psychology Center and the Lotus Counseling Center’s client intake forms. Both centers required basic information such as name, phone number address and asked for permission to contact the client. Both centers also explained in detail the level of confidentiality that would be kept and in what circumstances information would be shared or released. This shows that both centers understand how critical confidentiality is to the therapeutic relationship

  • Therapeutic Relationships In Counseling

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    Therapeutic Relationships are not black and white and creating a positive relationship will take skill and work. Unfortunately, data is scarce on the effects of therapeutic relationships. However, we as educators, have first hand experience in the effectiveness of positive relationships and connecting with people. There are many reasons why the relationship between the client and counselor is considered to be extremely important in a session. The client must trust the counselor, feel comfortable

  • American Counseling Association (AMHCA)

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    American Counseling Association: Membership While becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), it is important to follow the American Counseling Association’s (ACA, 2014) Code of Ethics when treating clients, making ethical decisions, and adhering to the professional standards set forth within the Code of Ethics (Remley & Herlihy, 2016). Another beneficial tool as an LPC, is joining the American Counseling Association, and other professional organizations. In this paper, I will discuss the

  • Counseling Persuasive Speech

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    Jillian, You did a wonderful job on your discussion board this week. You made several good references to both of the videos in which we watched this week, that highlighted the importance how we, as counselors, can help those who are hurting, as well as how those who are hurting can help themselves. I enjoyed how you expanded upon the point of why we, as Christians, needed to be rooted in Christ and in worship to Him before we can help those who are hurting and suffering as a result of often more

  • The Ethical Code Of Ethics In Counseling

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    Counseling is a process of empowering persons so that they can find the strength to deal with conflicting issue(s). It is the process of helping them understand how their current thoughts or behaviors are interfering with their present and future goals. Finally, it is about helping them create strategies to regain a path to the desired goal, and how they can maintain that pathway. Before a treatment plan can be developed, counselor’s need to conduct an initial interview of the clients’ social,

  • Existential Theory In Professional Counseling

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    As A professional counselor the approaches are client center and is used in humanistic therapy. The founder Roger used it to motivate clients in the therapeutic process. Roger used three qualities that a good counselor should consider for clients in sessions. First unconditional positive regard is to meet the client where they are. Second genuineness is to share open honest communication and be vulnerable to the client, so the client can do the same. Thirdly the counselor expresses empathetic

  • Best Course Of Action In Counseling

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    When looking at the courses of action the best practice is to maintain the information to be kept confidential what happens in a counseling session remains private. The best course of action would be to talk to the client in a private session about why they have not completed their homework. By doing so this would allow the counselor and client to talk about why the homework was assigned and is important. The client then can discuss their issues with the homework and why they have not been completing