Scavengers: A Positive Work Ethic

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Fortunately, the Scavengers have a positive work ethic; the group knows and share the priorities and everybody is always making sure the group focus on task and always stay on track of the group deadlines. Related to personality, the group is very homogeneous; everybody is well organized, focused, and hardworking. However, when it comes to culture, the group turn out to be heterogeneous. Three of the group members are Americans and two are international students. Although differences can be an advantage, the group becomes more creative, it can also be a challenge. Everyone tries to interact with everyone, but it is almost very natural that the Americans get along much easier; they have the same cultural and similar background, ergo their interaction comes much more natural. It can be positive for these three group members, however, for the rest, two, international students, it cam lead…show more content…
However, those things are not easy to develop and perhaps the group is still in period that they still developing these aspects. Additionally, personally I would make sure that I interacted in a way that encouraged the group positive synergy from the…show more content…
The Scavengers have a very positive ethic of work, the group has an agenda, which they follow rigorously. In addition, when the group get together, they usually end up producing even more they what they planned because they are so focused and they work do well together. The respect that they develop among the group is also very beautiful to see, especially for having people from different culture. They respect the different ideas that the group have and always brainstorming without ignoring anyone’s ideas at first even though it may not work
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