Psy/270 Week 4 Assignment

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A. Business Concept Instead of scheduling the traditional four 15 week courses that meet 3 hours a week each, I would offer courses in one month intervals. This would consist of one class meeting for three weeks at three hours a day, five days a week and the fourth week being considered a transitional break. The fourth week would not be considered a “finals” week. Any required final exam would need to be taken on the third Friday of the course (the last class day) during the normal class period. This would leave the transition week open for teachers to input final grades. Each semester would require four classes to be taken in a four-month period for students to qualify for “full time” status over a five-month, five course time period. This five course time period is in the event a student needs to drop a course and still desires to be full-time. B. Opportunity/Strategy …show more content…

This will give students the opportunity to focus all their attention on the one class/time they choose as well as maintain a part/full time job or sports schedule if need-be. This will also benefit the teachers by giving them the option to teach a selected course at one or two of the selected times each month. This schedule will allow courses to be more available from 2-4 classes in a normal semester to up to 20 (four time blocks x 5 months a semester) based on class fill-up and teacher availability. This could open up the opportunity for students to graduate in approximately 3 years (120 credits/39 a semester = 117 in 3 years with one course

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