PSY 270 Week 1 Essay

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1. After reviewing the discussion resources, list three things you learned from them and explain why they are important.
According to Statistics & Reports (2016), “Every three days in Arizona, someone dies in a domestic violence related incident” (para 1). This information is important to know so that one can understand how devastating domestic violence is in our state.
Murder-Suicide in Families (2011), “States with less restrictive gun control laws have as much as eight times the rate of murder-suicides as those with the most restrictive gun control laws” (para. 7). Statistics like this one explain that strict gun laws has a greater chance of preventing murder-suicides. Knowing this can be a distinct advantage in having one way to combat this from happening.
In addition Murder-Suicide in Families (2011), explains that “Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of domestic violence survivors rate the assistance they received at their shelters as "very helpful," and another …show more content…

Nonell (2013), emphasizes “Domestic Violence situations can be dangerous especially if the abuser has a weapon (e.g. a gun) and is intoxicated by drink or drugs” (para. 9). When violence escalates one can never underestimate the problem it could lead to. Increased intoxication can be dangerous and cause erratic behavior not knowing who the aggressor will turn on next.
4. "Student Choice" Questions: Name one other societal problem or issue that relates to domestic violence. Explain the relationship.
Domestic violence is also damaging to the economy. Nonell (2013) explains, “Domestic Violence has cost economies and companies millions of dollars in lost time, medical care, productivity etc. In the U.S., the cost of Domestic Violence to the economy is estimated at $8.3 billion a year” (para 7). With such extensive hazardous effects on the business it could vastly affect the community surrounding these business trying to make up the

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