There's Nothing Friendly About Abuse Analysis

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Domestic Violence has become an issue that has lacked the attention of the public that needs fixing. Both of the articles demonstrate the obstacles that are presented in domestic violence cases. The image gives the awareness of the life threatening they live through, and have difficulties looking for help. Many people are unaware or underestimate the obstacles and difficulties that are presented in domestic violence, but a closer look will illuminate these issues that require action to be taken. In the article, There’s Nothing Friendly About Abuse, represents how there is needed a thorough investigation for deciding the custody of the child. Through the facts given at the beginning of the article, represents the fault in the judge 's ruling. According to Dianne Bartlow an expert Joan Zorza, …show more content…

The various amounts of cases represent there is in need of more investigation during the trial of the custody of the child. Emphasizing, if the father was reported for domestic violence, the child shouldn’t be living with someone who will do harm to the child. It questions the logic behind the court’s decision about the custody, causing them to rethink and thoroughly examine the case. Bartlow states that, “they are deliberately undertaken by one parent (in most cases, the mother) to ‘alienate’ the child from the other parent (generally, the father)”. The author argues that the “Parental Alienation Syndrome” is biased and generalized tactic

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