Why Is The Outsiders Still Relevant Today

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Have you ever thought of how something 50 years old could still matter? Well, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, still has significant reference today. The book is about 2 gangs that fight with each other because of class. Some examples of its relevance today are the reckless environment struck by economic catastrophe, the immature quarrels, and the uneducated and underprivileged gangs. This book describes the darker side of society, unmasking the truth. Overall, there are many common issues today that relate to The Outsiders. The environment in the book is very similar to certain impoverished areas today such as McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas and Valdosta, Georgia. Some places are rugged and impoverished Gangs also desperately roam the land hopeless of opportunity. This happens because the setting of the book is “Tulsa, Oklahoma” after the Dust Bowl and Stock Market Crash. These 2 events made stock investors poor overnight and ruined plantations with a massive dust storm. In addition, these abruptly resulted in low education and economic opportunity. Places similar to this still exist today, however, some have rehabilitated while others have been destroyed. …show more content…

This “rumble” mimics how gangs fight. They usually brawl in groups around a rugged setting and are often armed with guns or knives. Jumping individuals at night is another common practice of gangs. The main story is “one to do with gender, sexuality, and violence”. In our current world, these issues wreak havoc on society. Domestic violence still occurs frequently. Poverty-stricken areas are often dangerous, and according to the FBI, a violent crime happens every 26.3 seconds. I believe this countless amount of crimes is something the government needs to pay more attention

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