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1) Describe at least three special education services for students with impairments in sight and hearing
Three special education services for students with impairments in sight and hearing are, (a) MARESA, (b) Exeter Township School District and (c) Chester County Intermediate Unit.
(a) MARESA hearing and vision consultants’ work as a team with school staff to give students that are living with hearing and visual impairments the best access to tools and training so that they can successfully achieve their required educational goals. The Consultants for the hearing impaired are basically the ones that provides direct services for hearing impaired students. They are very supportive of special education or general education teachers. They also provides consultation to educational personnel on behalf of the students that are living with hearing impaired. As well as, they …show more content…

They made sure that the use of braille writers and other specialized equipment are available at all times for students. They also offered consultative support to school staff as well as to parents (RESA, 2016).
MARESA staff also works along with most school staff to help them develop in areas that they are weak in. As well as working with the school staffs to identify special education services. They help with planning, supporting opportunities for staff to develop, as well as opportunities for teachers, administrators, aides and parents to learn new skills as well as plans that facilitates the success of the students, in addition, to the growth of the staff (RESA, 2016).
The Vision Statement for MARESA is, “Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Services Agency endeavors to provide its constituent districts with the supports necessary to enable them to develop communities filled with learners prepared to be successful, productive and responsible

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