Assistive Technology Argumentative Analysis

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Over the years, disabled children were not able to obtain the assistance that they need in order to better their mentally and physical performance towards academic performance. Disabled children faced a variety of discrimination in educational systems because they were looked as incapable of accomplishing tasks. Disabled children were not allowed to attend to school because people thought they weren’t intelligent enough. Assistive technology was created to help disabled children to improve social skills and improve their daily activities. This is a great tool because it can help a student learn by allowing them to take the same courses as other students. Assistive technology helps children build independence and social skills. As …show more content…

Also, children with multiple disabilities for assistive technology can help children to better their daily activities by acquiring different assistive devices for learning. According to Lorenzo Desideri (2013), suggest that assistive technology practices can help determine new improvement on assistive devices. Desideri (2013) stated that “Corte Roncanti thus seeks to integrate traditional clinical rehabilitation approaches with assistive technology interventions aimed at increasing the independence, autonomy and well-being of people with disabilities” (161). Children with disabilities will be able to increase their independence by learning how to do things for themselves. As a result, this would help disabled children to build up independence by allowing them to do things for themselves. Assistive technology can help children by developing communication skills in activities. Desideri(2013) stated that “The Center for Assistive Technology gives direct support to the child, his family and school staff consisting of training the child and his caregivers to use Assistive technology solution”(163). Assistive technology helps disabled children by assisting them with special devices that help them read, write, speak. Also, families and teachers are trained in order to help disabled

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