Est1 Task 2

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You take great pride in your passion for physical fitness, you work out daily, and you consistently score above a 90% on your annual Air Force Fitness Examination. Your fitness in an example to everyone in your work center and I would recommend you seek that opportunity to become the primary Unit Fitness Program Monitor (UFPM) in the Squadron. In accordance with (IAW) Air Force Instruction (AFI) AFI10-248, a UFPM is responsible for oversight and administration of the unit’s fitness program. Your responsibilities would include, scheduling Squadron members for their fitness assessments, administering the fitness questionnaire, and when applicable, entering Squadron member fitness exemptions into the base fitness management system. Also, per our Squadron Commanders fitness policy, as the UFPM you would be responsible for assisting Airmen who score lower that a 79% on their fitness assessment and are enrolled in the Commanders “FIT” program with personal workout routines at least three times a week. …show more content…

The UFPM will increase your Refiner Team Member Roll attributes by allowing you to assist the Commander, First Sergeant, and Squadron Super Intendent in analyzing existing Squadron fitness policies to seek out any flaws in the current program. As the UFPM, the Commander gives you full range to adjust the fitness program to meet the needs of you Squadron members. Without a doubt, you will be able to increase your detailed oriented nature and practical ability to use logic to solve problems thus, making you a better Refiner while working in a team

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