Est1 Task 4

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Company Information Company X will be designed to be a global package and delivering business. Company X will provide management solutions for a global supply chain. Company X has three divisions of operations which are Supply Chain & Freight, International Packaging, and Domestic Packaging. Company X will deliver packages to 220 countries and territories. Shipping capabilities will be enhanced through the use of a desktop shipping application personalized to meet the shipping requirements of Company X. The application will also provide customers to streamline the shipping process with real-time tracking capabilities. Shipments can be managed more effectively which is an important advantage to the consumer. A paperless invoice system will be established to allow customers to create electronic transmissions. This system will enhance the process of international shipping. The …show more content…

The segmentation process allows Company X to understand the changing needs of each demographic. Emerging opportunities can be easily identified in potential markets. To address retail customers within different industries accordingly Company X must develop an effective demographic segmentation strategy. The customer segments of Company X will be a diversified group. The groups are broken down into two main categories which are individuals and businesses. The potential consumption of Company X services will be dependent on various target markets. It is important for technology-enabled operations to be deployed to improve efficiency and limit consumption. Company X must develop a positioning strategy which is value-based. This strategy will implement the foundation of providing logistics solutions to consumers. Company X must provide customer solutions which are industry specific. This process will allow further expansion of global

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