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Johnson International Corporation (JIS) is a global company that offers logistical support to the military and private companies which employs 100 people and it is largely located in US, Europe and Far East. It has been doing business for last 15 years and it had a net income after tax of $10 million. 70 % of their business is related to military sector and its focus is to provide logical support to military and private sector. In this company the president and chief executive officer were the same person and he/she was responsible for the overall activities of the company. The company has cut the budget in various field including the budget in IT capital and human resource which includes training for employee. Technology has modernized this …show more content…

Here 70% of our business is done with military so in military terms logistics means the organization of moving, housing and supplying troops and equipment’s. No doubt logistics is an important activity as there is a process for doing a work and there must be proper coordination and cooperation. Lack of proper coordination means, high chance of getting errors in work. This case analysis focus on providing the recommendations to the top management to make sure their activities are going smoothly in the market and they can be ahead from their competitors in this competitive world. In easy words, the organization wants to improve their delivery to their customers. An organization is connected of various parts and has many sub systems including Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology and marketing as well. When these all aspects are combined then they form a company. This study focuses on using the company as a Systematic thinking and this approach is very important to determine the most appropriate technology for the company based on the concerned problems. Systematic thinking is a management discipline that focus on understanding the system by linking the various components within the entire …show more content…

Use of IT in logistics field will enhance the business operation and make sure there is proper management and employee are satisfied with the current business operation. An employee of the organization plays a key role in efficient operation of the company. With the help of IT feedback can be taken from the customer and analysis of proper feedback helps for improving the customer service. Feedback from customers can be online survey, comments on various activities of the organization and can be taken through social media. This all activities can be done using information

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