Role Of Budgets In Health Care

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1. Polluter Pays principles are used in costing and business control systems in the health care organization, CareTech Holdings PLS. When using this principle it has stated that the facilitator in charge of health care should pay to ensure safe disposal of the wastes that gets accumulated. These principles are used for minimizing, segregating and also recycling the waste. This is stated by Baily in the year 2007.In the health care organization, CareTech Holdings PLS, there are internal costs as well as external costs which will incur. When focusing on internal costs, there will be costs like segregation costs, costs incurring in packaging as well as costs incurring in onsite handling and treatments. These costs would be supply and labor costs.…show more content…
There are many different kinds of budget expenditures. These expenditures in CareTech Holdings PLS, are mainly associated with health care and social sector and will include budgets like operating, sales and personal and many more. The budget known as the operating budget is responsible in reflecting the services and products which are introduced in the period of budgeting in the service structure. Personal budgets will help in identifying the expenditures incurring in the organization in a period of one financial year. These particular expenses will contain the costs of labor. The health care sector today is in a high competition and also it has a higher rate in depending over resources which uses technology. Because of these reasons the utilization of human resources also gained a main impact. So due to this, the personal budget is always fluctuating. The sales budget is responsible in reflecting the real estimation of sales of the services in the present financial year. The main expectation of the sales budget is the estimation of sales expenses and also the services and products that must be produced in the year of budget and also revenue which can be obtained by the selling of these products and…show more content…
For managing the financial resources like in a health and social care organization like CareTech Holdings PLS, there are two processes which it will depend on. Those are the calculations made on the financial activities performed previously in the organization and also the analyzing of the financial requirements which will come in the future in the organization. The financial documents made by CareTech Holdings PLS will be annual reports, the analysis of the breakeven point, income statements, the profit and loss accounts, cost sheets, cash flow statements and much more. Also in an organization like CareTech Holdings PLS the information associated with the different operational activities as well as the expenses of the organization will also help to make decisions regarding

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