Meet Your Ibrain Analysis

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In the present global world, we are living in the era of advanced technology like computes, smart phones, TV and so on; and I love that. As early day goes by technology is changed. Technology makes things happen so faster. In the article, “Meet your iBrain,” the authors Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan talk about the current explosion of digital technology and how is changing the way we lives, how we communicate, and it is also rapidly and profoundly altering our brains. “Our brain is evolving right now at a speed like never before” Gary and Gigi. In “Defense of Technology” Andrew O’Hagan talks about how technology is making life get better as time goes by, technology is improvement and improvement like never before. Every part of our daily life …show more content…

Technology takes away the stress of getting to someone’s house to give them the information. In the article, “Meet Your IBrain: How Technology Changing the Way We Think”, state that, “we develop a better ability to sift through large amounts of information rapidly and decide what’s important and what isn’t- our mental filters basically learn how to shift into overdrive” (146). They believe with the help of technology we are able to receive information within a short amount of time. You may not appreciate technology and how it has made getting information out easy unless you has lived your childhood life in a village, where you have to walk for 30 minutes just to pass around information. It was very hard getting information passed around back in the days. I remember growing up in the villages with no technology. In my country when you are having a baby naming ceremony, and you want to invite the villages you have to walk to ever one house to invite them for the naming ceremony. Every house is far from the other. Before you get to one person’s house you have to walk for ten minutes. You have no choice but to do it, because you want people to come. After hours of walking and you are not even sure who will show up. With the help of technology nowadays all you have to do is send a text message to everyone in your phone book or just post in online and tag people you want to come. In the article, “In Defense of Technology,” Andrew O Hagan once state that, “ I’m not 104 , but I wrote a whole book that way, my first , and it took forever and it didn’t add much to most of the paragraphs. Yesterday, I had the information from an archive website in about 20 minutes, I emailed my notes to my office computer from the car” (3). In other words, Hagan believe that what used to take him hours to send information now just takes less than 20 minutes. All thanks to

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