Benefits And Detriments Of Technology: The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Dalton Ramsey
Honors English II
Mrs. Austin
27 February 2023

Benefits and Detriments of Technology Technology is becoming a very important part of everyday modern life. People use technology all the time, whether it be getting ready for the day or coming home from work. Modern technology can be viewed from two different perspectives. Technology has many benefits, as well as detriments, and those can be seen in many modern technologies today, such as self-driving cars and in Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Veldt.”
In the short story entitled “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury, technology is a key piece in the development of the plot. This technology is very beneficial to George and Lydia Hadley, and especially to their 2 kids, Peter and Wendy. …show more content…

One detriment of self-driving cars is the potential for crashes caused by an error in the technology (Driverless). Roads are constantly being changed, and if a self-driving car doesn’t have an update, for example, then a potential detour in the road may not be mapped. This potential for an accident is something that could easily be avoided with human driving. A second detriment of self-driving cars is the potential for them to be hacked (Driverless). For easy access, a self-driving car may have common places such as one’s home or work saved into its system. If someone were to hack into one’s car, they would have access to personal information and could even be tracked. A final detriment of self-driving cars is the replacement of jobs in the transportation industry (Pro). Self-driving cars can easily take the place of many jobs, such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, driver education teachers, and many more.
Technology is becoming an ever-growing part of the modern world. The benefits of technology, as well as detriments, can be found in Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt,” and in self-driving cars. Technology, whether modern or outdated, has always grasped the development of the world, has shown its good and bad, and will continue to take leaps and bounds for the foreseeable

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