Technology In Correctional Pros And Cons

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Technology is making our daily lives easier, there is not any question around that. Technology is present in almost every part of our lives. However, we have some fields which have not received many technological improvements. There, the human can not count with the benefices of this mechanization. Specifically, inside the field of correctional, technology do not have the influence and use that it should. Would be beneficial to apply more technology to this field?

First of all, let’s define what do we mean with correctional. In this case, this term refers to the place that people who do not follow the rules go in order to eliminate or fix their bad conduct. Precisely, in this essay we are going to talk about the jail and the punishment that happens there. In this places, technology would really help.

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Once we see that criminals have changed and they are not so anymore, they should be ready to be liberated. In this point technology could help a lot. We could create machines that really analyze the conducts of people in jail. Even humans would be still necessary for this process, that could reduce the people that go out the jail being the same person and trying to commit the same crimes. This technology could help, for example, to know if they are really reformed and prepared to be part of the society without committing anything out the laws. If we had this kind of improvements in the technology related to the offenders and correctional, we could reduce the time that reformed people spend in jail, becoming again “bad apples,” and reduce the recidivism rate. Of course, this measure would only be possible with some kinds of prisoners. Those who are a real threat to the society and/or have been sentenced with the capital punishment, would not be part of this reduction of the prison

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