Nicholas Carr's Analysis

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Our brains are very malleable. Our use of technology is affecting the way we think on a daily basis. The internet is something anyone can access immediately anywhere in the world. This could possibly be reason for humans current dependence on the internet. Our thinking process is even getting affected. Our way of thinking is beginning to change to the way that computers do. Advancements are made everyday. These new advancements are attempting to make life in general easier for everyone.
Nicholas Carr makes the claim that, “as the internet because our primary source of the information it is affecting our ability to read books and other long narratives.” Carr suggests that using the internet is altering the way that our minds operate. Believing that it has negative repercussions. We should be skeptical of the internet and our use of it, primarily because of its …show more content…

“Over the past few years I’ve had an uncomfortable sense, that someone, or something, has been tinkering with my brain…”? (Carr 731) He does not believe he is going crazy. He simply knows that he is not thinking the same way he used to. In result of this Carr no longer enjoys reading. Simply concentrating has become hard to do. “The deep reading that used to come naturally has became a struggle.” (Carr 731) Carr feels as so his mind is being influenced by the technological advancements. Even as a writer he still struggles reading a book, because of the lack of concentration he now has.
The author begins this essay very extensive. He then begins to reduce it down by using specific reasons. To prove his argument, Carr uses various of different reasons, and experts. For example: Computers, typewriters, and the human brain. Carr’s tone is very morphart. But, throughout “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, he uses many different quotes from several people, that his opinion uld get overshadowed. The author could lose his own voice throughout the

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