Nicholas Carr's Argument Summary: Is Google Making People Stupid?

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Is Google Making People Stupid The internet is here to make a change in the lives of many and to make technology easier in general. Nicholas Carr is a writer who focus on technology, business, and culture (Carr, Hal and Me ). Carr enjoy reading books, and researching information he also noticed that while he was reading a book his mind would drift after two pages (Carr, Hal and Me). Carr believes that the internet is a distraction, and people just go to the internet for everything. Three things will be discussing in this essay facts, evidence, and causes. Carr states that when it comes to the internet searching we are sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply. His opinion was that the internet is easy to access for quick answers. Carr findings strongly backs up his opinions. His facts are all backed up with research, and experiments done by mostly universities and scientists. Carr points out that people are getting lazy and relying on shortcuts. Another viewpoint he mentioned is the internet and how the machine are designed for searching programs, and finding what interest people. This creation of the internet was to create information for people to access. Carr believes that Google and other search engines are trying to replace the human brain, and the way we think. He also, fears the internet will one day replace the use for the human …show more content…

People like Carr wonder about what is happening in the future. Carr is concerned that people are not using their brain as much as they should. People are now looking for an easy way and the internet supplying the needs. By relying on new sources it is easy to get the answer and not have to work for it at all. It is easy to Google what you do not know, and what Carr has been saying all along. I agree with Carr finding because I did at a point of time like to read. Now I just skim through the book to look for the main idea, and I also research what I am looking

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