Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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Rhetorical Analysis In the article “Is Google Making us Stupid?”, author Nicholas Carr expresses his idea that the internet is taking over society and our thinking process. Google is affecting our abilities to read books, longer articles, and even older writings. Carr believes that we have become so accustomed to the ways of the internet, and we are relying on Google 's ability to sort through the details for us so we don 't have to, in order to get the information we find necessary more efficiently. He finds that this process has become almost too handy, and that it is corrupting us from becoming better educated. Carr writes quite a lengthy article to support his opinion. He writes quite a lengthy article, and you can feel how …show more content…

Carr is an established writer and had previously written several books before this article had been published. This makes Nicholas Carr a convincing source of information, as are the friends he mentions in the article. There are also multiple quotes such as “I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print,” which is a quote from blogger, Bruce Friedman. There is a multitude of highly credible people who have writings with the same views on the topic that Carr has. A few examples of these people range from Bruce the blogger, the pathologist from Michigan Med school, to a developmental psychologist and author from Tufts University. These people sound pretty credible so their opinions would most likely have more of an affect on someone than those of an 18 year old beginning college. Carr quotes Friedrich Nietzsche, a man whose vision was failing bought a typewriter because he found that his writings and ideas being put to screen were just failing. He decided to go out and purchase a typewriter so that the ideas could pour out of him and straight to the paper, which changed the way he wrote, his “tight prose had become even tighter, more telegraphic”. Technology is a major improvement and successful help to us all, but Carr believes it has an underlying side effect almost. It’s unnoticeable to the human mind, we just adapt to the slow mental changes without being aware of it at

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