Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Nowadays, the internet is the biggest marketing and media tool that people can use today. It can have various effects on people’s daily life ranging from bad to beneficial. In the essay “Is Google making us stupid” by Nicholas Carr writes about how internet usage in the 21st century is changing people’s reading habit and a cognitive concentration. Particularly, he emphasizes on Google’s role in this matter and its consequences on making people machine like. Carr also stated that the online reading largely contributes to people’s way of reading a book. He is extremely focused on the online reading’s distraction that most affects people’s mind. Findings: Furthermore, in this memorandum I will analyze whether the author used biased view, and …show more content…

Most of his supports are from official sources such as, the University of Michigan Medical School, New York Times, and even the example of British great mathematician Alan Turning. Looking at these sources, the audiences have no choice but to believe because they are internationally trusted know sources that are exceptionally believable. For example, he author pointed out that he and some of his colleague’s concentrations when reading a book has significantly decreased. Moreover, he thinks that the cause for this disturbed concentration is the modern internet usage, as he states “And what Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation” (Carr, 2008). According to this statement the readers can conclude that the main reason for reading concentration disturbance is the internet. In terms of the scientific research, the article provides the research by the British Library and U.K educational consortium which states “They found that people using the sites exhibited ‘a form of skimming activity,’ hopping from one source to another rarely returning to any source they’d already visitied” (Carr, 2008). From this statement we can understand that there are numbers of attractive information piled on one page, people have a hard time choosing which one to read, resulting them to skim and jump to one another. From these couple examples, it can be concluded that the author of this essay is strongly attempting to convince the readers in his idea of internet disturbing people’s concentration. However, the essay itself is extremely biased, because of the fact that there is no information about benefits of using the internet and reading online. Instead the readers are receiving information all about cons of using internet. Also, for instances, Carr failed to provide the reality of today’s internet

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