Summary Of What's The Matter With Kids Today By Amy Goldwasser

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Amy Goldwasser claims reading and writing online to be aesthetically and intellectually equivalent to the more traditional methods, in her persuasive essay, “What’s the matter with kids today?”. She is absolutely correct. Reading and writing online volutarily shows the same quantity as previous nonelectronic modes, uses the same thought process and problem solving, and reveals a less of importance for knowledge of fun facts in order to concentrate on analyzation. When compared to generations prior, this next generation is more inclined to write about themselves without pressure from others. They share key moments of their lives and display them over social media. Goldwasser claims that “They’re connected, they’re collaborative, they’re used to writing about themselves, on their own time, rather that its being a forced labor when a paper is due”. Facebook status’, tweets, and Pinterest “how to’s” are instantly posted and shared every second presenting to the world the unique segments of writing from teenagers (and adults!) all over the world. Individuals are …show more content…

Reading an ebook or a web page requires the same interpretation skills and provides a growth in your vocabulary, similar to reading a physical book. Online tools such as spell check, web dictionaries and thesauruses help to build knowledge and improve finished compositions, not tarnish them. This next generation is exposed to endless opportunity to search and discover humanity’s collective knowledge at their fingertips. They have to ability to read articles upon articles, and webpages upon web pages for pleasure on everything from poisonous spiders to the history of soccer. Why criticize an advanced way to gather information? In fact, online reading encourages critical thinking due to a universal understanding that not everything one reads on the internet is

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