Pan Europa Case Study

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Answer 1) Strategically, what must Pan-Europa do to keep from becoming the victim of a hostile takeover? Considering the current financially bearish trend in Pan Europa, the entity needs to work on multiple yet chain corporate activities to avoid hostile takeover. Below are some strategies, which can be used by the company: i) To begin with, the company must channelize its investment in those projects that will assist the growth in the revenue figures and net income. It is also important for the company not take any additional debt and accept projects within their capital budget as the banks have already signaled red warning for unsustainable debt-equity position of the company. Analyzing the past performance of the company, we found that …show more content…

Both these employees have shown their innovative approach at work and more than efficient attitude. As for Humbolt, he suggested the best project for the company by acquisition of Schnapps Brand. While the project investment is under the limits of capital budgeting, it is also enticing in terms of profitability and diversity to approach the varied class of customers. On the other hand, it was Morin who designed the price war and was the lead advocate, is yet another deserving candidate to lead the …show more content…

Using this NPV method, the best project will be the strategic acquisition of Schnapps Brand as suggested by Nigel Humbolt. It is noteworthy to comment that while the capital spending of this project is under the capital spending limits of the company, it also brings diversity in the core business and is promissory in terms of market expansion. With the IRR of 28.7% and projected return of $134 million, accepting this project will provide substantial gain to the revenue figures and confidence of the shareholders. Therefore, on the basis of Equivalent Annuity, the projects will be ranked as follows: 1. Strategic Acquisition 2. Eastward Expansion 3. Snack Foods 4. Southward Expansion 5. Inventory Control

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