Polluter Dilemma Case Study

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A Case Study on Polluter’s Dilemma I. Background/Point of View On a small plastic manufacturing, Jonica Gunson works as an environmental compliance manager. The company where she is working with is now facing a serious situation that needs to have a fast and decisive decision, decision whether to invest or not to invest money on new technology that will help decrease or as possible eliminate the level of toxic in the water which is flowing from the back of the factory up to lake. Though the company is compliant with the levels of emissions set by the Environmental Management board, the manager sees that environmental procedures for this specific toxic are sheathing behind logical evidence, particularly that there is a protest from a certain scientist that is publish in the newspaper. The protest says that if the emission levels set by the EMB will still stay at the particular level, there is a tendency that it might kill whatever living organisms presents in the water and can be harmful to the health of every …show more content…

II. Problems of the Case Study 1. Considering company’s budget is very limited, installation of the new technology might affect the financial position in the next year operation. 2. Resistant on implementing and installation of the new technology might force government to really impose such regulation and that they are always monitored by the regulatory board and also penalties are very serious matter. 3. Plastic manufacturing produces toxic because it composes several chemical that might endanger the living organisms in the water and can be harmful to humans and it is against the law of the Philippines if companies are not responsible with its wastes. III.

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