Pollution In Sumner County

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It is not uncommon to hear about pollution today in America? When we watch our television there are always broadcast about oil spills and poor air quality, and how their are communities suffering from these pollutants. It is easy to watch the screen and think,” Wow! I am so glad we are not in that situation”. But the truth is contrary to this statement, there are harmful toxins being released into everyone’s community that often go unnoticed by residents in the area.It was quite shocking to discover the pollutants that were being released into Sumner County. What pollutants are being released into the community? Who is responsible for the pollutants being released? What effects do these pollutants have on our quality of life? In this assignment…show more content…
These companies release toxic fumes into the air we breathe, and in some cases dump toxic waste into lakes and rivers directly affecting the environment, aiding to poor air quality and toxic water. According to the EPA Sumner County ranks between the 80-90% bracket for being the dirtiest/worst for having water sources with impaired or threatened uses. With the high levels of metals in the environment it is an environmental injustice. Not only are humans affected by toxic pollutants, these chemicals also pollute the homes of many fish and birds that claim home to the lakes and rivers of Sumner County. We have to make sure our fish and birds live in clean water so they can promote diversity in the…show more content…
Planned obsolescence is a technique used by many corporations to keep their customers buying their product by making products that are intended to be thrown away. Corporate industries also use their power and wealth to influence politicians and their standpoint on environmental issues. in 2009 oil and gas industries spent $175 million on lobbying- eight times the amount pro environmental groups spent (Mooney). Conflict perspective also looks at environmental injustice claiming that, even though everyone is affected by environmental issues there are certain communities that are more affected. For instance, communities around the sites where mountaintop removal is being conducted are at higher health risk because of the close proximity to the blast sites and sludge impounds, even though everyone in America is affected by mountaintop removal. Rates of poverty are also higher in areas closest to hazardous waste facilities(Mooney).Symbolic interactionist look at environmental issues as a reflection of what we are told from the media. Greenwashing is commonly used in the commercialization of industries that promote themselves to be safe to the environment when the truth is that they are damaging the environment. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity advocates that the process they undergo to extract coal from the Earth and then distribute it is a
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