Corporations Are Responsible For The Destruction Of America

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Environmental protection is a major issue America is facing. Many destructive aspects, such as deforestation, pollution, and the emissions of greenhouse gases, are all working together to destroy our once flourishing environment. Although it’s natural for the environment to slowly degrade and revive, modern technology and uses of resources has sped this process to an overly rapid pace, making it difficult for the restoration process to occur. Due to this environmental dilemma, there has been major opposition in who should be playing a larger role, the government or corporations? Corporations are in part responsible for the destruction of the environment due to the amount of pollutants they release and use when manufacturing their products. …show more content…

According to a U.N. report, approximately 3,000 of the world’s largest companies contribute about 2.2 trillion dollars every year in environmental destruction. As a result of this, the corporations should be responsible for reversing the effects of the damage. However, there should be certain regulations put in place by the government to assure that the protection rules are followed. While there are some regulations put on corporations today, they are more often interpreted as guidelines. As a result of this, some corporations have taken this to their advantage and are doing much less than they can be. As a result, there should be stricter rules enforced by the government when it comes to environmental protection. One of these rules should include receiving regular reports from the corporations to see where they’re at in terms of releasing greenhouse gases and using toxic chemicals, along with other destructive habits. Although it would be ideal to stop all emissions of pollution, in the modern world, it is seemingly unlikely. Therefore, the government wouldn’t enforce a company to get rid of all pollution in production, but merely to greatly reduce the amount and to transition to using cleaner, more green techniques. The pairing of the corporations and the government would confirm the protection of the environment much greater than one power alone. If the corporations would follow through with stricter regulations set out by the government, the environment would once again prosper, leading to an end to all the concern dealing with environmental

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