Acid Rain

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1. List some sources of acid rain. Acid rain is made by a chemical reaction that starts with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which is the main cause for the harmful effects of acid rain released in the air. These compounds get into the atmosphere where they get mixed and start to react with oxygen, water and other different chemicals to make acid rain. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide both can dissolve in water. I personally feel that it is because of humans acid rain is so harmful. Over the years humans have mixed and released so many some many different chemicals in the air. When power plants burn things like fossil fuels, like coal to get electricity they create and release more of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Other that cause acid rain are things like cars, trucks and buses because they also release …show more content…

How can lakes recover from acid damage? There have been ways to reduce sulphur dioxide emission like to remove sulphur from fuel, and to use low sulphur coal and oil. Also to use alternatives for energy. Sulphur dioxide in Canada has been reduced because of the high number of toxic devices, low-sulphuric fuels and some nuclear power plants. These things cause the sulphur dioxide to go down have reduced the acid rain levels and because of that a lot of the eastern Canadian lakes have had time to recover over the years.
9. Discuss why more has not been done to reduce the impact of acid rain. How does industry contribute to the problem? People have been trying to use alternatives the wont cause the release of nitrogen oxide. For one technology that cars are using to help with this has been used for twenty years. It’s called a catalytic converter which does reduce the release of nitrogen oxide into the air. The mining industry that produces material like sulphurous compounds and also including coal have contributed to the problem. When the sulphurous compounds and coal are combusted they form sulphuric acid, which results in the formation of acid

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