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Executive Summary Throughout this assignment, the company activities, structure, management accounting functions and contributions to modern management accounting of Unilever Plc has been stated clearly. Unilever Plc is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of transnational consumer and founded in the year 1929 after the combination of two companies. It is a multi brands company which having more than 400 brands and involving in producing food, beverages, personal care and home care products. There are totally 14 committees in Board of Directors of Unilever Plc. Moreover, although the sales turnover of Unilever Plc has decreased, the operating profit and net profit still remain increased. The most highlighted part of this assignment is Unilever …show more content…

The intention of running this plan is to raise profitable growth for their brands, and also reduce costs and fuel innovation at the same time. It shows that the USLP has provided benefits as it emphasises on human health and this may help more than billion people by year 2020. Moreover, Unilever Plc is an environment friendly company by achieving zero non-hazardous waste to landfill from plants, and continuing to enhance significant reductions in the greenhouse gas (GHG). They also introduced their new version of Dove Body Wash bottles which help in waste reduction. Furthermore, they run across four categories brands by growing their brands in order to maximize the shareholders …show more content…

The used of Unilever’s portfolio of categories, channels and geographies is to discover the growth and profitability throughout the period of time. Hence, Unilever Plc should make best investment decisions. Customer Relationships Successful customer relationships are vital to their business and continued growth. Maintaining strong relationships with customers is necessary for Unilever brands to be well presented to their consumers and available for purchase at all times. The strength of their customer relationships also affects their ability to obtain pricing and secure favourable trade terms. Unilever may not be able to maintain strong relationships with customers and failure to do so could negatively impact the terms of business with the affected customers and reduce the availability of our products to consumers. 2.4 Planning The purpose of USLP is to achieve the company’s vision and double size their business. Unilever Plc implemented the plan by setting targets which need to be achieving by 2020. The USLP consists of the ways they source raw materials and the responding of consumers toward their brands. In the year 2014, Unilever introduced a new version of Dove Body Wash bottles with different in developed packaging technology that uses 15% less plastic. This Plan has totally saved up €50 million costs through running the whole

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